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Telling life stories.

Storydoc is simply the best SaaS to boost healthcare's workflows. The patients tell their life stories to your chatbot. Then, we tell their stories to your caregivers.
They love it.

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Storydoc developped an intuitive toolkit to reinvent storytelling. Build an interactive chatbot fitted to your clinical needs by choosing from picture carousels, paperdolls and severity scales among our 12 questionning mechanisms. You can even ask patients for payments.

Our Botbuilder makes it easy to apply logic and branches to your stories in order to recreate real-life interview processes. Triage, pre-visit assessments, automated follow-ups, clinical trials, tele-underwriting...the possibilities are endless.

We know how precious time is to healthcare professionals. Storydoc comes "out of the box" with a turn-key library of stories fine tuned for your industry. We can also provide custom story creation services to enrich your patients experience.

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Healthcare's centerpiece of decision making is the patient story. We thrive to engage patients through the most natural and synthetized storytelling experience.

Staying true to the patient's story is of the utmost importance. The caregivers work depend on it. Sometimes, multiple choices and sentence autocomplete just won't cut it. We think patients deserve to express themselves when our algorithms fail to deliver their thoughts before them. Fortunately, Storydoc is an A+ student learning over time.

Thus, we care to drive patient engagement through your brand. Storydoc's Chatbot widget is a full-fledged white label solution easy to embed on any website. It can be your colors, your logo... your culture.

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Fewer clicks lead to better care. No need to open tabs or minimize windows with Storydoc. We hold dear that a caregiver's attention when reading a patient story should stay focused on the platform they love best... yours.

Everyday, thousands of patients entrust Storydoc with their life stories. Like the caregivers themselves, we esteem it a privilege and consider it our greatest priority to elevate security and confidentiality to the highest level.

Storydoc strictly abides by the latest HIPAA and PHIPAA (Canada) regulations.

Triage, pre-visit assessments, automated follow-ups, clinical trials, insurance tele-underwriting...

Your bots possibilites are endless.

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